365 Days

fullsizeoutput_4375I created a new category for my postings – it’s called 365 Days.

I dedicate this category for my daily postings about the day I’ve gone through on that particular day, my feelings (angry, happy, satisfaction; everything about feelings maybe), food I eat, my OOTD, meetings or activities, it will be most probably about the DAY in general.

Though it is called 365 Days, but I don’t expect myself to post everyday for the category. I am telling myself that it is not an obligation to blog about the DAY for every single day. It will look like writing a diary and pouring things out.

So, let me start with the first post for my 365 Days here.

Today, November 6th 2017.
A normal day..no, it’s a productive one I must say.

I’ve met the office strategic partner to discuss about the upcoming activity.
I’ve texted my favourite cousin to ask about the 2018 Pro Planner and it has been shipped out today. I am quite excited for the planner!
I’ve cleared out all the official letters on my table at the office! Yay!

I’m on my 2nd day for the 30 Days Yoga With Adrienne, I’ve found her on Youtube. It was pretty intense, but I had so much fun with the stretching games on my body. It released the stress out of me. Yoga? I’ve stopped for quite a long time ago, but I forced myself to come back.

That’s pretty much about the day, I’ve made it counted.
365 days, make the days count 🙂

One After Another

The title says it all.

And, it could be a bad luck or a good fortune. It is how you look at it and what you are going to do about it. You’d failed the exam before, you were so disappointed and you didn’t carry on. Another problem took place, you ran away and hide. To you, it’s a bad luck after another.

Your friends; they were so lucky. Nope, They were not. They’d failed the same exam sheets. But, they repeated and passed the paper. They burn the midnight oil. That’s what they did. They didn’t run and hide. Instead they took every chance to make things better. Not only for themselves, but people around them.

Don’t say “It’s my bad luck. One after another. Never ending problems.” Be optimistic. It is your future.

Same thing goes to myself. I am not going to tell that this is my 3rd 4th blog, I don’t even remember which is which. But yes, it’s one after another. No, it’s not a bad thing.

Telling myself this – Try to be good and maximise your talent.

Go-saeng Ggeut-eh naki eun-da

The Korean proverbs means at the end of hardship comes happiness.

Before The Chariot Comes

IMG_4266I came to a point where I began to think seriously about documenting (read: blogging) about my personal recollections; things that happened in my life, my job, things that I love to do and why did I stop doing this and that, my personal encounter with people and strangers, maybe those human interest stuff, and many more.

Many more is too general, and I will be caught up in my own writer’s block / blogger’s block. I hope I won’t. I’m not a writer nor an active blogger but I know I have some interests on writing and blogging. And, I want to develop my passion on it #areyouwithme

I’ve been in the condition of being unable to think of what to blog last time. It is so hard to get the first word. I have a lot of ideas, but they will end up somewhere, and remain invisible.

I want my experiences, my stories to be known, if not by all but at least to people who will be reading them in this blog. They could be my friends, my families, my children, my enemies, the strangers. And, I have decided that I should put them all in this personal recollections of mine.

You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing – Doris Lessing

If I waited for perfection, I would never write – Margaret Atwood

I hope to spark some inspirations for the readers from my writings.
That’s the least that I can do before my chariot comes.

Little thing could be something big, I’m holding on to this.