IMG_9062At the age of 35 in 2017, I began to think seriously about blogging my personal recollections. Hence, maintaining this blog is something I look forward to make some records of my life especially my journey of learning.

Learning is what I love to do. I believe learning is a lifetime process. I do various types of learning. Writing, social media, entrepreneurship, and public relation – these are the things I want to be good at. And, I know I won’t be good at it if I don’t learn. In this blog, you’ll be reading my journey of learning and stories of inspiration. I would also share my interest for cultures and places, also my experiences of meeting strangers.

What about the title of the blog? Pesona Butiza.
I love feature writing. Pesona Butiza will be the collection of stories of women who inspire me. I am looking forward to write the stories of extraordinary women I’ve met and hoping that they shall inspire you, too.

Here’s a little introduction about myself.

Ngaran ku i Kenny – That’s my native language – Dusun; which means My Name is Kenny.

I was born a girl and never a boy. But, I am that person who often mistaken for a boy because of my name.

When I was at school, my friends called me Ken. And, wherever I go I’ll introduce myself as Kenny and they can call me Ken. Fret not, you can call me anything you want but I would be much comfortable with Ken. My Christian name is Martha and I am loving the name as it is.

I don’t really fancy of sharing about my personal stuff ie: my failed marriage, how I’m coping the single life or am I having a relationship(?), to me what is personal remains personal. This is really the hardest part to write for “About Me” page…phewww!

I am a woman who always love to learn and explore.
If you ask me the thing  that I would love to do in future, TRAVEL would be the answer. I want to travel the world and see how far I go before I meet my chariot.

I look forward to read your awesome comments here in my blog. I will truly appreciate them coming in. I love to read your blog as well, so do not hesitate to leave your blog’s link which I can visit in return.

That’s pretty much about myself, about my blog. Quite a long one I guess. If you have any questions just put them in the comment box or you can email me at pesonabutiza@gmail.com

Friends? Why not.

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