When Things Happen For A Reason

Things happen unexpectedly most of the time.

I came back from a mobile Blood Donation campaign last Friday straight to my office; it was hot during the mobile and it was cold in my office building. I left my blazer in my car earlier before departing for Kepayan where we had the mobile; and I couldn’t stand the cold like always; and I planned to go to the car and get my blazer to save me from the cold.

The plan didn’t happen. When I was heading to the car park, I saw a mother and her newborn baby; no other family was with her. What made me to stop by and ask her if everything is alright, it was when I saw her baby was put on a table wrapped with a pink baby towel while the mother was standing beside it and adjusting her shirt. I was worried and asked if there’s any problem.

The mother looked at me and said,”I was stopping by to breastfeed my baby.”

Upon looking at the mother and her eyes, the eyes were half closed..and I knew that she couldn’t really see properly. She was telling me she wanted to pay for hospital bill and I showed her the way..no, I didn’t actually show her but I told only the direction because my mind was being selfish and only thought to get my blazer. I knew I had to get the mother, that’s maybe my nature to offer my help.

I turned my way back from going to the car park and straight to the Revenue Unit. I saw her and attended to her needs.

I talked to her nicely and had the privilege to hold her newborn baby. The baby boy is 3 days old. I had to ask questions because I was concerned.

She is a 32 years old lady, her parents died, she stayed with an uncle but no longer has the privilege to stay in the house because she decided to look for her only brother. The brother doesn’t wants to know anything about the only sister he has, so she starts living her own life.

It is her first time pregnancy, and first time having a child on her own. When I said no other family was with her during the labour, that meant she was on her own. Where’s the husband then? I choose not to answer this.

It was on Friday when I encountered this incident, and because I had other commitment on the same day, I had to cut short the plan to help her and her baby. I drove her back to her place after my working hour at 5pm, I recorded her number on my phone and I promised to call her the next days. Today is Sunday.

Things happen for a reason, people might just need our help at that moment of time. If I don’t be aware of my surroundings and close my eyes not wanting to know about others, the mother and her baby will be left with no one to help them out.

What happened that day was extraordinary. It reminded me of the cause with Aunty Lahai Paren when I had my first solo journey to Miri, Sarawak last June. I never wanted to be a special chosen person to help others. But those moments came to me where I couldn’t really resist myself to offer what I can do to help.

Most of the times I share those moments on my other social media site. I neglected this page I own for so long. I feel the urge to write what happened on Friday on this blog. I feel better now.

To date, writing is really the best therapy. I feel better now. Yes, that’s the second repeat. I feel better now!/END

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