One After Another

The title says it all.

And, it could be a bad luck or a good fortune. It is how you look at it and what you are going to do about it. You’d failed the exam before, you were so disappointed and you didn’t carry on. Another problem took place, you ran away and hide. To you, it’s a bad luck after another.

Your friends; they were so lucky. Nope, They were not. They’d failed the same exam sheets. But, they repeated and passed the paper. They burn the midnight oil. That’s what they did. They didn’t run and hide. Instead they took every chance to make things better. Not only for themselves, but people around them.

Don’t say “It’s my bad luck. One after another. Never ending problems.” Be optimistic. It is your future.

Same thing goes to myself. I am not going to tell that this is my 3rd 4th blog, I don’t even remember which is which. But yes, it’s one after another. No, it’s not a bad thing.

Telling myself this – Try to be good and maximise your talent.

Go-saeng Ggeut-eh naki eun-da

The Korean proverbs means at the end of hardship comes happiness.

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