365 Days

fullsizeoutput_4375I created a new category for my postings – it’s called 365 Days.

I dedicate this category for my daily postings about the day I’ve gone through on that particular day, my feelings (angry, happy, satisfaction; everything about feelings maybe), food I eat, my OOTD, meetings or activities, it will be most probably about the DAY in general.

Though it is called 365 Days, but I don’t expect myself to post everyday for the category. I am telling myself that it is not an obligation to blog about the DAY for every single day. It will look like writing a diary and pouring things out.

So, let me start with the first post for my 365 Days here.

Today, November 6th 2017.
A normal day..no, it’s a productive one I must say.

I’ve met the office strategic partner to discuss about the upcoming activity.
I’ve texted my favourite cousin to ask about the 2018 Pro Planner and it has been shipped out today. I am quite excited for the planner!
I’ve cleared out all the official letters on my table at the office! Yay!

I’m on my 2nd day for the 30 Days Yoga With Adrienne, I’ve found her on Youtube. It was pretty intense, but I had so much fun with the stretching games on my body. It released the stress out of me. Yoga? I’ve stopped for quite a long time ago, but I forced myself to come back.

That’s pretty much about the day, I’ve made it counted.
365 days, make the days count 🙂

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